SOLD; Mario S-Style Stratocaster 2016 Two-Tone Sunburst-New; $2550

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Get your Clapton on with this iconic Two-Tone Sunburst Strat! What a great guitar to own and play! Every guitar player should own at least one of these!! If you want all the superior tone & playability of a vintage S-style guitar, but prefer the many advantages of a new guitar, you will be extremely happy with this guitar! It feels & sounds great the moment you pick it up, allowing the music to flow, rather than having to 'fight' it as you would a lesser quality guitar. This guitar is very true to Leo Fender's vision, including pickups, switching, scale length, tuners, etc. This 6lb 15oz guitar features a great looking alder body in Sunburst, Fralin pickups, and a chunky-C neck (0.860-.0930). It has a very nice maple fingerboard that looks & feels played-in. The finish on the back of the neck feels great; it's a worn-off feel with a light oil rubbed finish & matte feel that is never sticky and just darn cool! And we especially like the smooth feel of the vibrato system. The very versatile S-style guitar has served every musical style since Leo's brainchild became available in the early '50s, including country, rock, jazz, blues, and everything in between, including your music. Mario has been building these great guitars since 2009 and has quickly become a premier builder with his guitars desired by the pros. Mario has really perfected the Vintage Tone with just the right amount of aging to look & feel natural and mating the correct sounding pickups to the era of the guitar. Mario guitars have a very faithful following and are equal to Fender Custom Shop without the sky-high price. Includes original hardshell case & Certificate of Authenticity. We are your brick & mortar Mario dealer, so you can Buy with Confidence!

Product Specs


Brand New




S-Style Stratocaster


Two Tone Sunburst


Solid Body



Made In:

United States

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